Liz Sales
How Fucking RomanticLet's Pretend We're Bunny RabbitsIf You Don't CryI Think I Need a New HeartNo One Will Ever Love YouMy Sentimental MelodyMy Only FriendsVery FunnyThe Book of LoveSweet-Lovin' ManThe Things We Did and Didn't DoFidoThe Luckiest Guy on The Lower EastsideAboslutely CukooAll My Little WordsBoa ConstrictorCome Back from San FranciscoA Pretty Girl is Like
Love Songs
Love Songs is a series of 69 synesthetic images converted from a thirty-second video portrait. The data in each still frame has been combined with audio data from each song in the Magnetic Field’s three-volume album, 69 Love Songs. Reinterpreting image and audio as text data allowed for the integration of information from each song into each image. The resulting image have been optically printed onto analog paper or instant film (such as Polariod 669) and hand labeled to indicate each images corresponding song.